The One Thing


It’s been few days i been wondering what is a “niche” and as i check it on my dictionary it defines “a comfortable or suitable position in life or employment, and i was like what?? a comfortable employment? does it even exist?.. working at your comfort ability because for me i define work as pressure and doing the things for the sake of earning. And there i was browsing on the net and i bump-in for some inspirational talk about “niche”, the speaker ask “what is the thing that your love doing the most?”. Then there it goes my 85 billion neurons lay out there answers and my brain was blown scattered of the things i like here are some of the answers music, writing ,sketching etc.. and some other stuff that i like doing. But on that point realization knocks in I did not know my “One Thing” it was like finding a needle in a haystack.

One thing my friends that i realized is our brain is a vast operating system it is our “OS” it is the most advance thing that is on our possession it doesn’t has a storage limit, and the thing is if we just focus that army of neurons in our brain on a certain thing there is no doubt we can achieve it.The sense of focus on one thing at a time through the things we want to achieve. Giving your operating system a clear instruction of what we want, then we can find that niche buried within ourselves.That comes your comfort of doing your thing. 

P.S. of course we have to store good files on our OS and put the crappy files on the recycle bin.

So let’s find our niche! and have a sense of purpose and share it to the world.



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